The DKK does not support a ban on breeds
There is a rumour abroad in some circles that the DKK supports a bill about banning 13 breeds, including neutering existing dogs. This is NOT correct.
Danish politicians are at present discussing a proposal to change the Danish dog legislation. The bill (proposed to come into force on 1 July 2010) has been submitted by the Danish Government on the basis of a report made by a committee set up by the Danish Minister of Justice. The Danish Kennel Club (DKK) has had a seat in the committee, which included a number of experts and specialists and 3 Government officials from the Ministry of Justice, the Public Prosecutor and the Commissioner of Police – a total of 9 persons.
This dog committee has – collectively – recommended a general tightening of the Danish dog legislation, valid for all dogs. Moreover, a minority consisting of the 3 mentioned Government officials have recommended a ban on 13 breeds.
The Government politicians have so far chosen to follow this minority proposal, which the DKK is not a part of. The latest news is that the DKK has asked for an audience with the Parliament’s Justice Committee to give an account of the DKK views on the matter.
Both the complete report and the bill have since their publication been available on the DKK website.