Recordings from the World Dog Show
During the course of WDS 2010 Dansk Kennel Klub gathered approximately 100 hours of recordings. In the near future we will examine if it is financially possible to edit one or more films from the show - e.g. group judgings, performances and/or BIS performance. Any development will be published on our webpage.
Program for agility online
We now have the program and practical information about the agility competitions ready. See in the agility section for further details.
Qualifying Event at the FCI World Dog Show

For the second successive year, Eukanuba pledge another dynamic Eukanuba World Challenge Qualifying Event, which will be hosted at the FCI World Dog Show, in Herning, Denmark on Friday 25th June. Jose Luis Ibanez, Eukanuba European Breeder Manager says, “This is truly an exciting annual event for breeders, exhibitors, owners with their excellent dogs and also for the ringside spectators. The Qualifying Event gives more dogs the opportunity to participate in the Eukanuba World Challenge. Eukanuba provides extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary dogs and at the FCI World Dog Show we will see some of these great dogs perform in the Qualifying Event”.

The participating dogs from the 19 invited European countries will be prejudged in the main ring at 13.45 – 14.45 by three renowned judges Hans van den Berg (Holland), Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal) and Wayne Burton (Australia). The judges will examine and award points to each dog. Upon completion of the prejudging these points will be added up, and will only be revealed later in the main ring events programme.

All of the participating dogs and the three judges will be invited back into the main ring later in the afternoon, this presentation is scheduled to take place immediately before Group 3 judging. Based on the points, 9 successful dogs will be selected and go forward for consideration by FCI Vice President and highly respected judge, Christofer Habig. He will choose three winning dogs, in no particular order, who will be afforded the opportunity to travel on an all expenses paid trip courtesy of Eukanuba, to compete in one of the four non geographical sections at the Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 final hosted by the AKC / Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach, California on the 4th & 5th December.

These three winning dogs from the Qualifying Event will undoubtedly enjoy good company with over 40 of the World’s Top Winning dogs, all of whom will be competing fervently in Long Beach for the title Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2010 along with the prize money of $10,000. The first runner up and the runner up will each be awarded $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.

For further information on the Eukanuba World Challenge visit

Countries’ Sections Draw
The draw to allocate all of the 43 countries participating in Long Beach into four non geographical sections will take place in the main ring in the company of the ringside spectators on Saturday 26th prior to group judging. Four representatives will draw the countries’ names out of the globe and each country will be assigned to a section.

Michael Canilizo, Director of AKC Event Management, has been part of the Eukanuba World Challenge team since its inaugural event in 2007. Michael was a former top professional handler from the USA who gained international success competing at two FCI World Dog Show earning titles in 1983 and 2000; Rafael de Santiago, FCI Treasurer, President of the Puerto Rico Kennel Club and FCI all breed judge who has officiated at the Eukanuba World Challenge 2008 and was co-founder of the world famous Radesa line of Afghan Hounds; Vibe Borregaard Madsen, a former award winning junior handler who has represented Denmark three times at Crufts, highly successful in handling homebred English Springer Spaniels to their titles including World & European Winners and Jose Luis Ibanez (Eukanuba European Breeder Manager) has been actively involved with the Eukanuba World Challenge from its conception.

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Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 Qualifying Event at World Dog Show - Judges

Christofer Habig (Germany) Final Judge for the selection of the 3 Winners

Christofer Habig is a well known and much respected global figure in the world of dogs. Equally he is admired for his innovative ability to drive through change with a passion. As the former Chairman of the German Kennel Club (VDH) he headed up a reform of the VDH with the full support of the VDH Board and its member clubs. That was in 2006 - 2009 and it is considered to be one of the most comprehensive transformations within the FCI world. After achieving great success he relinquished this role at the VDH and was soon elected to the post of Vice President of the FCI.

Christofer's interest in dogs goes back to his childhood when he owned a Great Dane. From there his passion ignited and drove him to become a renowned authority on the Molosser and all the Brachyciphal Breeds including pioneering their first international journal. His keen interest in Border Terriers has remained with him since the late 1970’s. He registered a joint kennel name with Germany’s Terrier pioneer Wiebke Steen, based on Kiki’s founded in 1947.

Initiating a judging career, Christofer became a VDH/FCI judge at the age of 21. He has since judge around the world at many prestigious shows including numerous FCI World Show, Section Shows and Breed Club Specialties. Since the mid 80's he has been qualified to judge all breeds in FCI Group 1, 2 & 9. Additionally he judges Best In Show.

Hans van den Berg (Holland) Judge

Hans’ affinity with dogs began from a very early age. He was born into the world of dogs. Popov, a Scottish Terrier stood guard by the side of his cradle, so it is hardly surprising that that breed should have played such an important role in his life. Hans was 18 years old when he made up his first Scottie Champion. Much more success followed, he went on to breed many champions under the Rymore prefix. It was in 1970 that he introduced his first Norfolk Terriers to his kennel and presented them at shows. The British imports Ch. Nanfan Nova and Ch. Ragus Brown Herb were true ambassadors for the breed, giving Hans much show ring success.

Hans’ judging career started in 1978 and since then he has travelled around the world officiating at many shows and in more than 50 countries to date. In 2000 the Dutch Kennel Club approved him to award CACIBs in all breeds making him an official FCI all breed judge. Hans has judged in most of the European countries and in USA, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa .
These assignments include judging many specialties: Bouvier de Flandres in USA, Welsh Corgi's in New Zealand, many Terrier and Toy breed specialties, Dalmatian and Rhodesian Ridgeback specialties to mention a few. He has also enjoyed the honour of judging The Contest of Champions in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Hungary. For many years he was the President of the Dutch Scottish Terrier Club. His second passion in life is gardening and when he is not at a Dog Show he can be found tending that.

Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal) Judge

Lisbon born, Luis is one of his Portugal’s leading dog fanciers. As a noted breeder, owner and exhibitor he enjoyed success with German Shepherd Dogs, Boxers, Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Dachshunds. His interest in dogs extended to judging, being approved by the Portuguese Kennel Club in 1975. Ten years later, in 1985, having officiated at many shows he was recognised by the FCI as an all breed judge. To date he has officiated as a judge at more than 800 dog shows around the world on all five continents in 72 different countries. These judging assignments include many World Dog shows: Madrid (1982), Valencia (Spain, 1992), Bern (Switzerland), Brussels, Vienna/Budapest, Milan (Italy, 2000), Oporto (Portugal, 2001), Amsterdam (2002), Dortmund (Germany, 2003), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2004), Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2005), Poznan (Poland, 2006), Stockholm(Sweden 2008) and Bratislava (2009). And Contest of Champions in Sweden, Denmark, Nor
Outdoor judging
DKK wishes to inform all exhibitors that rings marked with "O" are outdoor rings. The judging in these rings will take place in the areas surrounding Herning Messecenter.
Concerning the breed ban in Denmark
The Danish Kennel Club wishes to inform all exhibitors that the ban on 13 breeds does not have any influence on the participation in World Dog Show.

Link to cataloguenumber
If you have not received your catalogue number by email, please find it using this link.

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Confirmation of all online entries on 4 June
Exhibitors who have entered online to the World Dog Show will receive confirmation and startnumber by e-mail on 4 June 2010. Exhibitors with manually entered dogs will receive their confirmation during next week (week 23) by regular post.
Viyo International Academy seminars during the World Dog Show
Viyo International Academy welcomes everybody at interesting seminars about fertility, insemination, DNA and genetics during the World Dog Show. Use this link for further information and reserve your free seat already today.

All entries have now been registered
There is no doubt that the World Dog Show 2010 will be the largest dog event held in Denmark so far.

All entries have now been registered and the total number of dogs for the event is 19,354.

The DKK is looking forward to welcoming all participants and spectators to Herning on 24-27 June 2010.